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Cultural room

Aboriginal Education

Dungog High School offers many opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a key focus on improving student academic outcomes while also providing a caring and supportive environment.

Our Aboriginal Education Officer, Kara Clements, is available to support students in a variety of ways and is at school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

We have a cultural room which is situated in the centre of the school. It is a room for everyone regardless of cultural background and everyone is welcome. The room primarily supports Aboriginal education and the programs that run within the school to support closing the gap initiatives and also cultural lessons. The room will be a place for students to receive 1:1 support or small group activities with Kara or a teacher. The room provides important resources students may not have at home such laptops and internet access. We provide an environment to support student’s education while also giving them a sense of belonging and cultural connection.

Dungog High School has a strong Junior Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (JAECG) which empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to take an active role in school decision making alongside the Student Represenative Council (SRC). Giving students a voice with matters that affect their education.

Dungog High School also has a strong connection with Murrook Cultural Centre and Youyoong AECG. They provide regular workshops for our students to ensure they are culturally connected and students have opportunities to attend on country experiences.