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Dungog High School recognises the importance of equipping students with the technology skills they need to be sucessful in the future.

The facilities in our library have been designed to provide a future-focused learning environment integrating advanced technology and encouraging a high level of student collaboration and creativity. Students have access to multiple bank of laptops which can be used in any of the 5 learning zones.

Three dedicated computer labs are situated across the school where students have access to a wide variety of software. Classes also have access to class sets of laptops which can be used anywhere in the school.

Accessing learning from home

Microsoft Office 365 is the school's main learning platform.  Students can access this platform in school and at home by visiting the Student Portal and clicking on the Office 365 tile.  Students log in using their school email address eg fred.smith999@education.nsw.gov.au.  Once logged in students can access their class teams, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and OneDrive. Students are encouraged to save all work to their OneDrive so that it is available from any device with an internet connection (both at school and at home).  Students can also use the DHS Student Links webpage to find frequently used sites such as On Guard and the Renaissance reading platform.


Bring your own device (BYOD)

Students, particularly senior students, are encouraged to bring their own laptop to school for learning purposes. Students can connect their personal devices to the school's wifi and can also access printing if required. Before purchasing a device please refer to our BYOD hardware checklist. Our HP BYOD portal offers a range of suitable devices, favourable warranty and payment options.  


Login: DungogHS

Student Device Loan Program

Senior students who do not have a laptop of their own can borrow one from school.  Forms are available from the school library.  On payment of a refundable deposit, students are issued with a school loan device for the remainder of their time at school.  If you would like more information, please contact the school.  


All students in NSW public schools have free access to online learning tools including Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite which can be accessed through their student portal. Students can also download the Microsoft Office suite of apps onto their personal laptop or computer by following the link on their Office 365 Dashboard. Instructions can be found here.

Students also have free access to industry standard design software through Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of apps including Photoshop and Illustrator which enable students to design anything from posters to websites. These apps can be downloaded from a link in the 'Learning' section of the Student Portal. Students sign in with their school email address (username@education.nsw.gov.au).

Students can talk to the library staff for assistance.

Digital Citizenship

Positive digital citizenship skills are actively taught at Dungog High School. Further information regarding digital citizenship and online safety can be found at the NSW Department of Education website.